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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Global Affairs & Geopolitics, By Daniel Salem Padovano

Senior Analyst

Global Affairs & Geopolitics

Daniel Salem Padovano is a third generation native New Yorker serving the higher education community. His educational background includes a Master's degree in History from Hunter College-CUNY and post graduate studies in International Affairs at New York University. His areas of specialty include the modern Middle East and North America.

Daniel currently serves as Senior Financial Aid Officer for the Federal Perkins Student Loan program at the City University of New York (CUNY). Mr. Padovano is an Adjunct Professor who also teaches courses in world history and American Government at Metropolitan College of New York. Previous teaching assignments have included Pace University ( White Plains ) and Iona College. Prior to his service for CUNY, Mr. Padovano was the Bursar of Concordia College in Bronxville, New York. Before his current career in higher education, Mr. Padovano held positions in international and commercial banking. Mr. Padovano is also a licensed New York City Sightseeing guide.

"The Greek" is proud to include Daniel among our strong research staff. I know Mr. Padovano well and like him much. This image of him we've chosen is representative of the strength of his knowledge base, but perhaps missed by the image is what I value most in Daniel, his kind heart.

Daniel's Email: dpadovano@wallstreetgreek. com
The Greek's Email: greek@wallstreetgreek. com

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