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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dry Bulk Shipping Trade, by Alexander Miral

dry bulk shipping trade industry market
Senior Analyst

Dry Bulk Shipping Trade

Mr. Alexander J. Miral, founder of Miral Shipping Company, is an independent shipbroker and consultant to commodity traders. Mr. Miral was born in 1965 in New York. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1987 where he received a B.A. in Economics. He earned an M.A. from Columbia University's School of International and Public as well as a certificate from the Harriman Institute of Central and East European studies in 2001.

After finishing undergraduate studies, Alexander joined his family's shipping company, Miral Marine Corporation, where he worked until December 1999 in all facets of the company's commercial operations. Alex's responsibilities included ship brokering between shipping companies and multinational trading conglomerates (Including Czarnikow-Rionda, Mitsubishi International and Marubeni USA); strategic planning including research and analysis of worldwide transportation needs and projected future costs of commodity shipments; and international sales and marketing.

After completing his Master's degree, Alex returned to the shipping industry in May 2002. Alex took up a position in shipping finance with Poseidon Capital Corp until December 2003. Poseidon focused on raising equity financing for shipping assets including tankers and dry cargo vessels. After briefly working for Alpha Chartering, Alex started Miral Shipping Company in April 2004, and handled sugar transportation for Marubeni USA and salt for Chemical Equipment Labs until April 2005. After two years in commercial operations at Genco Ship Management (April 2005 – early 2007), Alex set forth as an independent shipbroker and consultant to commodity traders.

"I've had an opportunity to get to know Alex a bit, and I am excited about adding him as a contributor. Alex's weekly "Miral Freight Market Report" is a perfect complement to the content and theme of our blog. But besides that, his personality and character also fit well within this group of great people and strong content contributors."

"The Greek"

Alex's Email: amiral@wallstreetgreek. com
The Greek's Email: greek@wallstreetgreek. com

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dry bulk shipping trade industry market

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Anonymous DryBulkBlogger said...

Good on you Alex. I see 2010 as the year of opportunity for those wanting to buy into the dry bulk play. Orderbook will start to burn freight rates then...


10:28 PM  

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