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The Wall Street Greek blog is the sexy & syndicated financial securities markets publication of former Senior Equity Analyst Markos N. Kaminis. Our stock market blog reaches reputable publishers & private networks and is an unbiased, independent Wall Street research resource on the economy, stocks, gold & currency, energy & oil, real estate and more. Wall Street & Greece should be as honest, dependable and passionate as The Greek.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wall Street Greek - The Analysts

The Wall Street Greek team is growing, and our excellent group already includes the skilled individuals listed below:

Wall Street Greek Analysts:

Markos "The Greek" Kaminis - Global Economy, Securities Markets & Equity Research

Michael Douville - Senior Analyst - Real Estate

Steven C. Ferguson - Senior Analyst - Econometrics

Alexander Miral - Senior Analyst - Dry Bulk Shipping Trade

Non-Financial Markets Content Columnists:

Penelope Karageorge - Columnist - Film & Theatre

Nicholas Zaharakos - Columnist - Short Stories

Pinelope - Columnist - Greek Cooking

Eric Travers - Columnist - Original Fine Art Prints & Lithographs

Randall Hixenbaugh - Columnist - Antiquities

VIP Contributors

Charles Calomiris - Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions, Columbia University and NBER

Infrequent & Past Contributors

Daniel Salem Padovano - Senior Analyst - Global Affairs & Geopolitics

Pietro Rabassi - Senior Analyst - International & Economic Affairs

Guneet Singh Sahni - Asian Markets

Tim Poulus - Tech & Telecom

Ryan Delaney - Personal Finance & Investing for Military & Marine Corps

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