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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Personal Finance & Investing for Military & Marine Corps, by Ryan Delany

personal finance for military marine corps investing
Senior Analyst - Personal Finance & Investing (Guiding U.S. Military Servicemen)

Ryan is a Marine (former infantry Sergeant), entrepreneur and financial blog author (Semper Finance) currently attending Harvard College.

Ryan lives by the saying "once a Marine, always a Marine," applying the discipline, work ethic and integrity he learned in the corps to all of his work. A veteran of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, Ryan, served as a designated marksman with the 4th MEB anti-terrorism unit in Afghanistan and as a corporal of the guard on ships in support of OIF. Ryan first started learning about stock market investing and buying stocks while still in the service.

After Ryan finished his contract with the Marines, he began his career in college attending Columbia's School of General Studies. While a student at Columbia, Ryan took time off to get his Series 7 and work at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter with a renowned financial adviser group. During his time at Morgan Stanley, Ryan refined his investment strategies and expanded his industry knowledge. Shortly after returning to Columbia, Ryan transferred to Harvard College to complete his degree.

Ryan studied at Harvard for a year when he took a leave of absence to found an Internet start-up, Pennyreel Inc. and to begin his financial writing. Ryan has served as CEO of Pennyreel for over a year, guiding the company through its formative stages. In addition to founding Pennyreel, Ryan began the blog Semper Finance to teach personal finance and stock investment to Marines and military servicemen. He is returning to Harvard in the Fall of 2008, to complete his degree.

"Wall Street Greek was founded by a patriot, and one proud to now enlist a U.S. Marine within our own ranks. Ryan strikes me as a driven, intelligent and well-composed individual, and I expect our readers will learn from him. I just hope he doesn't kick my butt."

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marine corps investing military personal finance

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