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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Film & Theatre, by Karageorge

film & theatre

Penelope Karageorge


Film & Theatre

A freelance journalist, Penelope Karageorge writes frequently about film and theatre. She is the author of a crime novel, Murder at Tomorrow (Walker Publishing), Stolen Moments (Pinnacle Press) and a poetry collection, Red Lipstick and the Wine-Dark Sea (Pella Publishing). Her short stories have been published in journals as diverse as Mouth Full of Bullets and The Charioteer. Penelope began her career as a Newsweek reporter, interviewing luminaries including Bette Davis and Cary Grant. She was publicity director of People magazine. She's currently developing her original film script, a romantic comedy set on the Greek island of Lemnos, Drinking the Sun.

"It is our great pleasure to welcome this accredited reporter to our family of columnists. Penelope, like so many of our writers, is someone we share coffee and commentary with regularly, and whose company we enjoy. We are absolutely thrilled to bring her critical film and theatre reviews to you, for the coloring of your cultural life."

Markos N. Kaminis
Penelope's Articles:

Full Disclosure: Penelope has agreed to Wall Street Greek policy to avoid the authoring of articles about securities she personally owns or holds beneficial interest in. In the event of a special case, we expect Penelope will make full disclosure of ownership or beneficial interest, which is her responsibility. The work of contributors to Wall Street Greek is their own, and may not necessarily agree with the opinion of the site or its founder, and does not constitute financial advice. Please see our full disclosure at Wall Street Greek.

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