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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tim Poulus

Senior Analyst - Tech & Telecom

Tim Poulus is an independent analyst following the Technology and Telecommunications industries. He previously served as Senior Financial Analyst at IRIS Research. IRIS is an unusual brokerage, in that it combines both sell-side (sells research mainly to parent company, Rabobank) and buy-side (performance oriented) elements. At IRIS, Tim covered a pretty broad range of stocks and sectors, but his primary focus is on telecoms, Internet and B2B publishers.

Tim is an avid blogger, and started his Communications Breakdown site in March of 2003. Looking at recent history, Tim's main focus areas are FTTH teleworking, IPTV, WiMAX, Web 2.0 and DCF modeling - to name a few.

Tim holds a degree in Physics and is a Registered Beleggings Analyst (RBA), which could be translated to read Registered Investment Analyst. Tim is married with two children, Max and Daphne, and lives in Utrecht, right in the center of the Netherlands.

Beyond work, Tim is a passionate music and literature lover. Tim is not Greek (not that there's anything wrong with that), but he tells us he enjoys the composer Nikos Skalkottas, a pupil of Arnold Schoenberg, and the famed author Nikos Kazantzakis. "Christ Recrucified," the controversial Kazantzakis novel of 1948, is among his favorites and was beautifully set to music by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu as "The Greek Passion."

The Greek welcomes Tim with pleasure to scribe within our column. Enjoy Tim's blog found through the banner below.

Tim's Article Portfolio:

Full Disclosure: Mr. Poulus has agreed to Wall Street Greek policy to not author articles about securities he personally owns. In the event of a special case, Tim will make full disclosure of ownership interest. The work of contributors to Wall Street Greek is their own, and may not necessarily agree with the opinion of the site or its founder, and does not constitute financial advice. Please see our full disclosure at the site (Wall Street Greek).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece

I am very keen on theoretical value estimates

I believe it makes sense to look at it from a fundamental perspective (e.g. balance sheet and earnings) as well as from a technical perspective (e.g. spider model of supply and demand, linear regression, simple moving averages or more complex filtering constructs)

Nice work.

S. Ferguson

PS - What is this piece "Christ Recrucified?"

11:01 AM  

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