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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fine Art & Prints Market

fine art prints market dealer trader sculpture paintings

Fine Art & Prints Market

Art Columnist - Eric Travers

Early in his life, Mr. Travers worked on cargo ships as a Merchant Mariner for a period of ten years. During that fantastic adventure, he had the opportunity to purchase many original posters whenever in port. This hobby, along with his childhood fascination with fine art and prints (his father was a member of The Museum of Modern Art), eventually led to his current avocation as a Fine Art Dealer.

Mr. Travers worked for Alfred Landau, a prominent New York art dealer, until his recent death. Eric is currently partnered with another New York art dealer that has a private inventory of original fine art prints and other works from the masters such as Picasso, Leger, Chagall, Miro, Braque, Calder, Bacon, to name a few. Mr. Travers is also knowledgeable and trades in rare books, antiques and collectibles.

Persons interested in learning more about the fantastic stock of fine art and prints Mr. Travers deals in, can contact him at art @wallstreetgreek.com. To discuss the fine art and prints markets, simply comment directly to our articles on the topics or to our Fine Art Market Forum.

"Wall Street Greek is pleased to launch the first of our Alternative Investment columns. Mr. Kaminis has come to know Mr. Travers personally, and views him as a fine addition to our staff of expert commentators. We are keen on serving all the needs and interests of investment enthusiast and our affluent readership. We expect our readers will find his Fine Art Market Column a value-added addition to a more-rounded Wall Street Greek site."

Email: Art @WallStreetGreek.com

Mr. Travers' Article Portfolio:

Full Disclosure: Eric Travers has agreed to Wall Street Greek policy to avoid the authoring of articles about securities he personally owns or holds beneficial interest in. In the event of a special case, we expect Eric will make full disclosure of ownership or beneficial interest, which is his responsibility. The work of contributors to Wall Street Greek is their own, and may not necessarily agree with the opinion of the site or its founder, and does not constitute financial advice. Please see our full disclosure at Wall Street Greek. Tickers: NYSE: BID, NYSE: TIF, OTC: BLKU.OB, NYSE: TIF, NYSE: ZLC, NYSE: SIG, NYSE: BMJ, Nasdaq: DGSE, Nasdaq: NILE, OTC: CRUPF.PK, OTC: AVSTF.PK, Nasdaq: CAICX, Nasdaq: CAITX, Nasdaq: CAIAX.

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