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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Wishes 2009

Thanksgiving wishes
We here at Wall Street Greek thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of our independent effort, and for the value-added insight you have contributed through commentary to our articles and reports. We appreciate and welcome your thoughts, and pledge to you to remain an open-minded institution willing to challenge the status quo when we find good reason.

Thanksgiving Wishes 2009

From the moment President Lincoln asked our nation to set aside a day for thanksgiving, Americans have taken the opportunity to mindfully consider his request. Over the years, our nation has celebrated the holiday through both economic boom and times like the current. Despite the difficulties of the day, of which there are now many for most of us, we should always remember to remain thankful for what we still have. Even if that only gift this year is continued life, I wish we could be thankful for it, because it is a great gift that is bigger than temporary struggle. Life, by its very nature, is full of opportunity and offers great reward, which comes at the cost of struggle.

This blog and blogger is not one that holds neutral position on controversial issues for the sake of political correctness, and is one based on the faith of its founder. Therefore, I would be remiss not to note my view of the importance of faith through struggle. The difficult days of life do not have to be endured alone, because we have a great advocate. The greatest reward is available to those who give love selflessly and without prejudice, especially when we have little to give.

In difficult times, I request from you, hopefully without intrusion-but nonetheless, to remember those who are even less fortunate. Though I have no authority nor ability to say so, I promise you that in so doing, you will be remembered. I beg you to ignore the faults of men and the deceptions of evil, and to give steadfastly of yourself and blindly to the open hand and to love your fellow man with all his faults.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, and we are fortunate that the process of doing so allows us to notice more clearly those less fortunate. We thank you again, and pledge to sincerely and actively remember and work for those less fortunate through our own personal and Wall Street Greek organized efforts. Therefore, we are launching a new page entitled "Give to Charity," where we list charities we work with and for, or otherwise support, and which we hope you will help as well.

Please see our disclosures at the Wall Street Greek website and author bio pages found there. (Tickers: Nasdaq: ACMC.PK, Nasdaq: XCBFX, Nasdaq: ADJEX, AEF.AX, Nasdaq: NRAAX, Nasdaq: NRACX, Nasdaq: NBSLX, Nasdaq: NBSRX, Nasdaq: NRARX, Nasdaq: NBSTX, Nasdaq: VCSRX, Nasdaq: EGSBX, Nasdaq: EGSAX, Nasdaq: EGCYX, Nasdaq: EGCCX, Nasdaq: AHRAX, Nasdaq; AHSRX, NYSE: DIA, NYSE: SPY, Nasdaq: QQQQ, NYSE: NYX, NYSE: DOG, NYSE: SDS, NYSE: QLD)

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