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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Give to Charity

give to charity
Wall Street Greek supports good causes, including the charities listed here below. If you are considering to give to charity, we hope you will consider these specific goodwill workers listed here. These are charities we have gotten to know intimately in some cases, and where we have also given time and effort.

We only list charities here that we view legitimate. However, any gift you make to a listed charity is of your own decision making and review. We will not be held responsible for any dealing between individuals and these charities. Still, we support these efforts below, and want to see the greater enabling of their good work.

In the future, our own blog's founder will seek to raise capital for a charity he has planned over the course of a lifetime. Please check back with us from time to time, as we hope to make that dream into reality as well, if God wills it. Whether you help these specific organizations or others, please give to charity, because without your charitable giving, their good work is not possible.

Give to Charity

  • Mercy House - An Orthodox Christian Community of the Moscow Patriarchate, Mercy House was opened in 1993 to serve the needs of the poor in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It continues to do so, but also serves now as a parish dependence to the monastery in Treadwell, NY. While the Lower East Side has greatly improved over the years in terms of poverty, it may never have needed spiritual nourishment more than today.

  • Emmaus House - A homeless outreach facility in Harlem, Manhattan, New York. Provides food, clothing, love and more to those in need within the community and throughout New York.

  • Jan Hus Presbyterian Church & Neighborhood House - Provides food, clothing, shelter and other services for those in need who knock on the door.

  • Ronald McDonald House - Helps the families of children in need of health care services, lodging and other care to stay together while they receive those services far from home.

  • CROP Hunger Walk - Help us to feed the hungry throughout the world and within the United States.

  • A Georgian Church in America - Please email us (below) if you are interested in helping a Georgian Orthodox congregation to establish the first Georgian Church in America and in New York City. A large group of Georgian Americans are congregating regularly now in a mission within a Catholic high school in New York City. We would like to help them to raise the money they need to buy their first property, and to grow their wonderful congregation within sound walls, and with the love of God.


Contact us by emailing: Charity@ WallStreetGreek .com

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give to charity a good cause


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