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Friday, April 18, 2008

Life's Real Bankroll

They tell me, Greek, don't discuss politics or religion. Don't you understand this is a "no no?" But, this is my forum, and my interests and hopes extend beyond economies and equities. There are in fact, significantly greater issues we must address, whoever and wherever we are. Plus, I'm a stubborn S.O.B., and conforming is not in my character.

By: The Greek

Many of you may have guessed that I'm a member of the Greek Orthodox church. However, unlike many "believers" who wear blinders to the views and lives of members of other religions, I see people as one common group. I look for the common message in people of faith, and there is one we all share.

I see belief in God prevalent in a world scientifically advanced, but I no longer ignore the reason why. I see thousands of churches and other places of worship, new and old, that have survived thousands of years of so called evolution and progression. Don't you think there's good reason for the survival of belief then?

What survives through centuries? Not bones, not truths (they become myths and legends), not castles, not governments, not nations, not races. Belief in God remains as the wind shuffles the dust of everything else by. At the risk of losing some of you, I'll tell you why belief continues to exist. It's because the presence of real evil reinforces belief in the generations that come to pass. God has a reason even for his tolerance of evil.

The Church Heals Wounds

Over the past few days, the Pope has healed old wounds, and I'm very happy about that. The immoral actions of some members of clergy have served a purpose you see, evil's purpose. Consider if you will what leverage is gained over the masses by turning thousands away from the church. The devil can manage his end game strategy to massive scale. Rather than gaining one soul by one tedious soul, he turns the media glued masses away from God through the sins of men of the cross, or symbol of your choosing.

Has the devil not turned thousands away from God by his construct of the premise of hypocrisy upon God's servants? I've heard it said time and again... they say, "I don't go to church, or follow the Catholic faith. Look at the priests. If they can commit sin, then what can I believe in." So, the devil undermines broader belief by discrediting God's servants.

What the Pope did in America this past week was great. He recognized the flaws of men, even those within his church. I only wish he would also shed light on what whispers in their ears. But, rather than wish, perhaps I'll shed that light.

Even in this modern day, amazing society, we are nothing but ants. We place our names on buildings, companies and even other people, and we think we are kings, but we are nothing but ants. When a football player scores a touchdown and then points to the sky, do not view him as a hypocrite. Do not think God has no purpose in football, a game. Even that touchdown could not be scored without God willing it. The message sent by that wide receiver is true, however insignificant the forum may seem to you. Nothing happens without God's will.

Whether Citigroup (NYSE: C) rises or falls is insignificant to the real bankroll we build in life. It is in fact, a distraction from it. But, we do it to survive. Scanning back thousands of years, one man had salt and another had sheep. They traded some of each for the purpose of their own survival.

Today, we buy shares of Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO) and sell shares of IBM (NYSE: IBM) for that same purpose, to survive. Trade has evolved to its most progressed form in capitalism. Still, there's something intrinsically wrong with self purpose.

While there were many things wrong with Communism as well, the worst of which was the suppression of religion, the goal was perhaps noble. Be careful now. Don't you dare label me a Communist, or you'll find me at your door. I'm what's called a humanist, and also a Christian! By placing God first, and the good of humanity at the fore, we build wealth beyond understanding.

It's clear this is going to be a multiple-part article. I think we've covered enough for now. I'll be looking to sneak into Yankee Stadium to see the Pope. If anybody can score me a ticket, send me a note.

God bless.

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