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Friday, January 04, 2008

Wall Street Greek's Prescient Past Predictions

There is no better testimonial than facts that show prescient forecasting. Time and again, we've told you about our correct predictions of the past, but we felt it necessary to back this up with the facts. In the bullets that follow, we outline the amazing accuracy of just some of our predictions in the past and highlight our value added service.

  1. Predicted Economic Recession, Rising Unemployment, Weakening Manufacturing (Date Published- June 1, 2007) - This article, entitled "The Most Important Article You Will Ever Read" proved prescient, and it still holds a couple forecasts yet to play out. It looks to have correctly timed recession.

  2. Predicted Liquidity Would Dry (Date Published- June 3, 2007) - When I authored this piece, entitled "When the Liquidity Dries," I was shocked at how alone I was still in my opinion. I do not need to tell you now how important this forecast proved to be.

  3. Oil's Bottom to the Exact Day! - Read through these two articles on January 18th and January 19th, and then review the Department of Energy's historical price page, and you will see we issued a clear buy recommendation for oil prices the morning the spot price bottomed. We recommended buying oil that day, before the commodity had started trading and we told you exactly when to buy, after the inventory report. We couldn't have been more correct. The price of oil has not looked back. WTI Crude spot prices bottomed at $50.51 that day, the low for this year. We reiterated our call the following morning, and in that article, you also got some prescient information about the threat of food inflation.

  4. Chinese Market Collapse of Feb. 27th the Day Before! - We didn't come out shouting the Chinese market would collapse, but we did warn that the week before the collapse contained a significant amount of bad news for the high-flying Chinese market to digest all at once, as investors returned from the New Year holiday. We discussed this in detail on February 25th. Then on February 26th, the day before the collapse, we stated our disbelief in that Chinese markets had not yet weakened. What happened next is history.

  5. Consumer Softness, Importance of Food, Energy Prices, Geopolitical Forecasts (June 15, 2007) - This article, "Mind the Signs of Consumer Softness," just illustrates the clarity of my thoughts this past summer. I'll do my best to be this good as regularly as possible.

  6. Intuitive Surgical (Nasdaq: ISRG) Forecast (October 26, 2006) - Within this article and the "Stock Specific" section of this short piece, I spoke about ISRG's pending better comparables in 2007, and my expectations that the high growth shares should see P/E expansion to better match what is typical of like firms. ISRG went on to be the best performer of the Nasdaq in 2007, more than tripling in price.

  7. VCA Antech (Nasdaq: WOOF) Recommendation (October 26, 2006) - We said the market had misinterpreted the company's guidance as indicating a weak Q4 ahead. During the conference call, I asked management about this, and it became clear to me that management had overlooked the analysts' consensus estimate or had no interest in setting its guidance to match it. I correctly predicted the company would exceed this guidance, and labeled WOOF one of my favorite stocks to hold over the next 3-5 years. WOOF closed on October 26, 2006 at $32.20, and a year later, on October 26, 2007, it was $42.10, or 31% higher.

  8. Housing Double Dip - We predicted housing would see a second leg lower, and the rest is history. We're still digging up this first reference, which we believe was published in early 2007.

  9. Recommended Under Weight of Financial Sector - Not only did we do this ahead of the turmoil that unfolded, we specifically called out names like Washington Mutual (NYSE: WM), one of the poorer performers of 2007.
  10. Short Solar Stocks to Start '08 - That's basically what I said when I published this article, Sunset for Solar Stocks. Published on January 9th, after getting stale on one of my publisher's editorial desks from December 20th when first submitted, solar stocks still tanked even further after it was published. Here are the individual performances from the 9th through January 28th.
  11. StockTickerPrice Change
    Solarfun PowerSOLF-43%
    First SolarFSLR-24%
    Trina SolarTSL-16%
    Evergreen SolarESLR-29%
    JA SolarJASO-18%
    Suntech PowerSTP-30%
    LDK SolarLDK


  12. Secular Change of Food Prices Justifies P/E Expansion for Industry Participants - This very important research illustrates why the Fed has good reason to be concerned about the return of inflation over the long-term.

While we are first to admit that we are not perfect, and have made a few mistakes, we believe over the long-term, we provide prescient forecasts and certainly insightful opinion. Please tell your friends about Wall Street Greek, and help our independent venture find grass roots support for growth.

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